Are PM Frequencies bad? NO! We’re talking about Preventive Maintenance Frequencies for Medical Devices. You know, for Medical Equipment.

“There are numerous requirements that facilities are expected to be fully aware of on an annual basis.”device compliancy

The key to maintaining compliance with PM frequencies is not only understanding the current regulations, but also having a plan and schedule. This is where a Medical Equipment Management Plan (MEMP) comes into play. A large part of the MEMP is the Preventive Maintenance and Computerized Maintenance Software.

Best practices for PM frequencies include developing a plan, documenting the plan, working the plan and updating it based on federal and state changes.

These regulatory bodies require hospitals, facilities, etc. to establish a current and precise inventory of all medical equipment and to document maintenance and preventive maintenance regardless of ownership (lease, rented, physician owned, hospital owned, or a loaner/demo). Although regulatory bodies do not specify how the inventory is documented (in a single database, multiple databases, etc.), the best practice for storing inventory data is through a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).


Iteleti’s Device Compliancy will help you prepare for the surveys and stay compliant year-round with a customized Medical Equipment Management Plan (MEMP) which in large includes the Preventive Maintenance and Documentation of all your Medical Devices and Medical Equipment that will meet or exceed the minimum regulatory requirements.

Together, we are able to adequately prepare you for the impending compliancy and regulations each year through a regulatory readiness survey (much like a check-up).

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